Dermatovenereology. Cosmetology
2020, volume 6, № 3

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In this issue:
Original Researches
Contemporary Peculiarities of Cutaneous Melanomas in Minsk
Barabanau A., Zeynalli N. (pp. 150-159)
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Complex Psycological Characteristic of Adolesent Patients with Acne Compared with Psoriasis
Komova D., Tikhonova A., Zaslavsky D., Grechanyi S. (pp. 160-169)
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BASP-Classifi cation of Androgenetic Alopecia: Application Experience in Men
Tsikhanouskaya I. (pp. 170-175)
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Trichoscopy is a Universal Method of Diagnostics and Diff erential Diagnosis of Dermatoses with Localization on the Scalp
Kruk N., Shimanskaya I. (pp. 176-181)
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Reviews and Lectures
Lupus Erythematosus in the Practice of a Dermatologist
Novasialetskaya A., Belazarovich A. (pp. 182-192)
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Peculiarities of Syphilitic Infection in HIV-Infected Individuals (Review)
Barabanau A., Barabanava L. (pp. 193-205)
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Clinical Case
Giant Verrucous Skin Carcinoma of the Lower Limbs
Lukyanau A., Kisialeu P. (pp. 206-213)
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Papulonecrotic Tuberculosis of the Skin in a Patient with Severe Concomitant Pathology
Vaisov A., Parpieva N., Saipova N. (pp. 214-217)
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A Clinical Case of Basal Cell Carcinoma Formation at the Site of Intralesional Injection of Triamcinolone Acetonide
Wolkenstein P., Zaslavsky D., Sobolev A., Skrek S., Vasiliev N., Yunovidova А., Zaslavskaia O., Mashuka D., Zelianina M., Ryleva U. (pp. 218-223)
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Drugs Applying
Assessment of the Condition of Post-Burn Wounds in Children after Using Emollients
Hlutkin A. (pp. 224-233)
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Correlation of Eating Habits, External Factors and Some Other Factors with Acne
Barinova A., Plavinskii S. (pp. 234-242)
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Non-Standard Areas of Hyperhidrosis Correction with Botulinum Toxin Type A
Sanches E. (pp. 243-249)
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Modern Probiotic Means for Hand Disinfection
Opryshko V., Nosivets D., Prokhach A. (pp. 250-256)
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Адаскевич В.П.
Адаскевич В.П., председатель Белорусской общественной организации дерматовенерологов и косметологов, заведующий кафедрой дерматовенерологии Витебского государственного университета, профессор

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Рад сообщить о том, что IX Республиканская науч-
но-практическая видеоконференция с международ-
ным участием «Витебские дерматологические чтения:
междисциплинарные аспекты в дерматовенерологии»
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режиме. Научным направлением конференции явля-
ется развитие междисциплинарного сотрудничества и